At Rockfield we specialise in three keys areas of the typical Fintech company lifecycle. From raising capital through to developing scaling strategies that eventually lead to a successful exit. Our team has deep experience and understanding of what this journey entails and how we can help you depending on what stage you are at.


Connecting Capital

Rockfield works with a number of Venture Capital (VC) and Private Equity (PE) funds in identifying investment or acquisition opportunities in Fintech. Typically we deal with Series A funding and later stage capital raising but do look at seed rounds depending on the sub sector and the strength of the proposition. We work closely with the founders to match their capital needs with the right partner realising from experience how important it is to make the right match.


Strategic Consulting

Our team is made up of individuals who are passionate about Fintech and the opportunities it presents. We recognise that every business faces unique challenges in particular the challenge of scaling both in market and internationally

Rockfield deals with the real strategic agenda and is committed to making a real difference. Fintech is a fast moving space and our clients are typically ambitious and demanding people. Most operate in dynamic but challenging business environments where we provide the framework and support to create extraordinary performance and focus on delivering shareholder value.


Sell Side

It is critical that you choose the right advisor when you arrive at your decision to sell. We have been there and know what’s ahead of you.

You need someone who can get the best price by identifying all potential acquirers. This comes from an advisor that possesses deep sectoral knowledge who can not only engage and manage obvious target acquirers, but also creatively look across all sub sectors of Fintech to find potential acquirers that may not be so obvious.

It is an emotional rollercoaster that needs experience, creativity, objectivity and empathy. At Rockfield we possess all of these qualities because, we’ve been there, and succeeded.